BioBuilder Teacher Professional Development Workshop Summer 2024: Part 2


BioBuilder Learning Lab @ Ginkgo
27 Drydock Ave 2E
Boston, MA 02210
United States of America


Lead Instructor:  Dr. Natalie Kuldell

Lab Dates: To be scheduled for two days during the week of August 5th through August 9th, 2024

BioBuilder's Teacher Professional Development Part 2: What A Colorful World/Teaching BioDesign workshop is offered through a social, online platform. Part 2 is intended for teachers who have already completed Part 1:What is Synbio/Eau that Smell.

During a two-week window, teachers can participate from anywhere, pacing the lectures, readings, and assignments to fit their learning needs. Even online, teachers can still expect to interact with other teachers, receive feedback from Natalie and Jo-Anne, and gain hands-on experience with BioBuilder’s lab, What a Colorful World during two synchronous lab days.

Bacterial transformation is a process that is fundamental to genetics and inheritance and enables modern biotechnology. In this workshop, two cell types are transformed with two color-generating plasmids, illustrating both the science and engineering questions that must be addressed to build synthetic living systems. Participants will apply these lessons to a system of their own design using a ready-to-teach framework suitable for all levels of high school biology.

Multiple teachers applying from the same school should use coupon code "PD-MULTI" when prompted to receive the discounted rate.

Participants from STEM.LD schools should use coupon code "STEM.LD".



2024 Teacher Professional Development Workshop Registration (Part 2: What a Colorful World/Teaching Biodesign)


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Waiver Statement:
  1. The undersigned participant or student (or in the event such participant or student is a minor child, such participant or student’s parent or guardian), teacher or assistant hereby certifies on such individual’s behalf (or on behalf of such parent or guardian’s minor child) as follows:

  2. The participant, student, teacher or assistant noted on the signature page hereto (the “Participant”) has requested the opportunity to participate in a Workshop that includes, among other things, lectures and discussions (“Workshop”) with BioBuilder Educational Foundation (“BioBuilder”) to further the Participant’s educational goals and objectives and advance the Participant’s knowledge in science. The undersigned agrees that the Participant will strictly adhere to all applicable rules, regulations, general decorum and policies and procedures relating to conduct that may be set by BioBuilder. The undersigned understands and agrees that the Participant’s participation in the Workshop is by invitation of BioBuilder only, and that BioBuilder, in its sole discretion, may terminate the Participant’s participation in the Workshop at any time for any reason.

  3. The undersigned acknowledge that laboratories are specialized environments involving, among other things, the use of scientific instrumentations, chemicals and biologics, which even under ideal laboratory conditions may involve a degree of risk that is probably greater than ordinarily encountered in daily life and that could involve greater risk, including bodily injury, if used improperly. The undersigned is aware that participating in the Educational Session may be dangerous and may involve risks of serious injury, disability, death, or loss or damage to person or property, even if arising from the negligence of other persons executing a similar waiver and release from liability. The undersigned acknowledges that BioBuilder is not an insurer of the Participant’s health and safety and does not assume responsibility for spontaneous and unforeseen events that may occur during participation in the Educational Session. 

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  6. The undersigned acknowledges and accepts that, although BioBuilder has taken special precautions to secure the safety of guests, program participants, and their families in order to prevent the exposure to COVID-19, or other viruses or health risks, no facility can guarantee against the potential risk of such exposure.   The undersigned understands that participating in the Learning Lab or accessing BioBuilder facilities may increase the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Furthermore, the undersigned attests that the Participant will not attend or participate in in-person BioBuilder activities or programs if they test positive for COVID-19, experience symptoms of COVID-19, or have been in contact with a person who has a confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis, in the 48 hours leading up to this event.

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  11. In the event the undersigned (or their Participant if the undersigned is the Participant’s parent or guardian) is providing transportation to and from the Workshop on behalf of themselves or other Participants, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that such transportation is at their own risk and that they assume all risk of injury, harm or damage to the Participant’s person, property or any third parties’ person or property in connection with such transportation. To the extent the undersigned (or their Participant if the undersigned is the Participant’s parent or guardian) is providing transportation, the undersigned acknowledges that such person providing transportation maintains a valid driver’s license and sufficient insurance coverage. 

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