BioBuilder Teacher Professional Development Workshop Summer 2023: Part 2



Lead Instructors:  Dr. Natalie Kuldell and Jo-Anne Purdy

July 26 - August 8
Lab Dates: August 7 & 8

BioBuilder's Teacher Professional Development Part 2: What A Colorful World/Teaching BioDesign workshop is offered through a social, online platform. Part 2 is intended for teachers who have already completed Part 1:What is Synbio/Eau that Smell.

During a two-week window, teachers can participate from anywhere, pacing the lectures, readings, and assignments to fit their learning needs. Even online, teachers can still expect to interact with other teachers, receive feedback from Natalie and Jo-Anne, and gain hands-on experience with BioBuilder’s lab, What a Colorful World during two synchronous lab days.

Bacterial transformation is a process that is fundamental to genetics and inheritance and enables modern biotechnology. In this workshop, two cell types are transformed with two color-generating plasmids, illustrating both the science and engineering questions that must be addressed to build synthetic living systems. Participants will apply these lessons to a system of their own design using a ready-to-teach framework suitable for all levels of high school biology.

Multiple teachers applying from the same school should use coupon code "PD-MULTI" when prompted to receive the discounted rate.

Participants from STEM.LD schools should use coupon code "STEM.LD".
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